Summer Camps in Spain

  • What is Spanish Summer Camp

    Experts agree that the younger you are when you start to learn a language the better. Exposing your child to a new language and people from all over the world can spark an interest that will last a lifetime. Students will learn to interact with each other across language barriers, valuable skills that will prove useful for the rest of their lives.

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  • Learn Spanish in Spain while playing football with Arsenal F.C.

    Our football school courses welcome children of all abilities and it doesn’t matter which team the children support, we just want everyone to have fun whilst learning to play football the Arsenal way!


  • Why should you send your child to Summer Camp in Spain?

    don Quijote Summer camps are about learning languages and opening your child’s eyes to the world and different cultures around them. Our monitors will supervise your child 24 hours a day as they maintain a strict schedule that includes language classes, mealtimes, scheduled activities and lights out. Summer camp is also about having fun and making sure that your child leaves with experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

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  • Afraid of sending your child or teen abroad?

    At don Quijote we understand that sending your child abroad can be very hard for parents. Rest assured that your child will be supervised 24 hours a day during their entire stay by qualified professionals.

    If that is not enough to ease your fears, we have the perfect solution for you. Why not consider coming to Spain with your child? Perhaps you could take a Spanish course too while your child is at camp.

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  • Which city in Spain should I choose?

    Spain is a country with clearly defined regions each boasting its own local customs, culture, history, gastronomy, climate and topography.

    don Quijote operates 9 Spanish summer camps throughout 7 different Spanish cities. Not sure where to send your child to summer camp? Do you prefer big cities, mid-sized cities or small cities? Do you prefer a temperate Mediterranean climate or hot-dry weather? Do you prefer living near the sea or in a student-friendly college town?

    Read a bit about our locations to choose the best Spanish city for your tastes

Spanish summer camp in Spain for kids and teenagers

Rosa Maria

Interview with Rosa María González

don Quijote's Summer Camp Coordinator

Rosa has been in charge of don Quijote's summer camps since 2005. She is responsible for coordinating teams, accommodation and facilities in order to ensure that everything is perfect, year after year, and that everyone who comes to stay at the camps has an unforgettable experience.

Find an interview with Rosa here

First and most importantly you should expect that your child gains not only language skills but more importantly a passion for learning about other languages, people and the world. Your child will be with other campers from all over the world, a great way to make lifelong friends and inspire an everlasting curiosity for the world around them. In addition to the experience your camper will gain just from being immersed in an international environment, they will also receive 4 hours of language class a day, 5 days a week.

Your child will be in a well structured and organized environment:

- Our Spanish summer camps are monitored 24-hours a day
- Maintain a strict schedule for classes, mealtime, recreational activities and bedtime.

You can expect to have lots of fun!!! Our camps are full of workshops, events, games, activities, sports, excursions and all other types of adventures.

We have designed our summer camps to offer you flexibility

We offer four different Spanish summer camp modules to choose from so that parents can choose the best option for their child:

  1. Summer Camp with Residential Stay

    Full time summer camp.
  2. Summer Camp with Home Stay

    Part time summer camp. Your child will have dinner and spend the night with a local Spanish family.
  3. Day Camp

    Part time summer camp, have your child back with you every night.
  4. Junior Special Program

    A specially designed program that offers a higher degree of freedom for our older campers from 14-18 years old.

At don Quijote we offer parents the satisfaction of knowing that their child will receive the personal attention that he or she deserves. The 20 weekly classes last 45 minutes each and are designed to be compatible with all major academic credit systems. The classes are designed to be small, with no more than 14 students, and strive to ensure that the student takes advantage of the international environment to make strong advances in their communication and conversational skills.

We guarantee to help you every step of the way. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, just contact us. We will be glad to show you why you should choose to send your child to a don Quijote Spanish summer camp.

Why should you send your child to Summer Camp in Spain?

Did you know that the younger you are the more receptive you are to learning a new language? Our language summer camps feature of mix of both international and local students between the ages of 5 to 18 years old.

A short stay abroad can open your child’s eyes to the world and inspire him/her to the opportunities that exist when you speak another language. Take advantage of this great age to expose your child to different cultures, languages, countries and sounds.

This life-changing experience is available throughout Spain with our 9 Spanish summer camps located in 7 different cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Salamanca, Granada, Seville and Marbella (Albergue, Alborán, Alemán).

Afraid of sending your child or teen abroad?

Our summer camps are for students 5-18 years only, but for parents who are hesitant to send their children to a foreign country alone we have the perfect solution: COME TO SPAIN WITH THEM!!!

Our summer camps in Spain offer several different programs so that you can choose what is best for you and your child: part time summer camp, full time summer camp, or just language classes.

If you are among the many parents who cannot bear the thought of sending your child so far away, perhaps you could consider coming to Spain with them. Enroll your child in part time summer camp and have them back for dinner every night!

Perhaps you could enroll in one of our Spanish courses for adults during the day too. It is never too late to learn Spanish in Spain.

Which city in Spain should I choose?

Ask this question to a thousand different people and you will receive a thousand different answers. Spain is a country rich with history, culture and language which makes every region and city unique and interesting in its own way.

For large city lovers, Madrid and Barcelona offer the variety and activities that only large metropolitan areas can boast. Madrid is located in the heart of Spain with easy access to the rest of the peninsula, great museums and a primeval historic center while Barcelona boasts a privileged location on the Mediterranean Sea, modern architecture and a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Valencia, Granada and Seville are all relatively large cities, each with its unique aspects and idiosyncrasies. Valencia is the third largest city in Spain, located south of Barcelona on the Mediterranean shores. The city is modern and bustling with long extended beaches, excellent regional food and some of the most famous Spanish festivals. Seville and Granada are both located in the southern part of Spain where the climate is very hot and dry. The architecture, culture and gastronomy reflect the historical impact of the Arabian occupation of the area.

Marbella (Albergue, Alborán, Alemán) and Salamanca are great choices for those who prefer the relaxation and ease that a smaller city can provide. Salamanca is a college town known for its golden sandstone buildings and beautiful town square, its prestigious university and pure Castilian Spanish while Marbella is a popular tourist destination attracting celebrities and wealthy people with its popular golf clubs, luxury hotels and vast harbor lined with impressive yachts.

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