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Frequently Asked Questions


How many Spanish children are there in the campsites?

The ratio of Spanish to international students varies depending on the camp. Generally, camps like Valencia, Salamanca and Marbella Alemán and Alborán have a greater percentage of Spanish campers—usually between 60 and 70 percent. Other camps like Barcelona, Madrid and Marbella normally have more International students with 20 to 40 percent being Spanish. Our Junior Program camps in Malaga is reserved only for international students.

I don´t want to speak any English. Will I be able to practice my Spanish there?

Of course! Our program is designed so that you have four Spanish classes each day which is completed in three hours of instruction (four hours in our Albergue camp). These classes will give you the confidence needed to begin practicing everything you have learned in the real world. Also, because we have campers from all over the world, English is not always spoken by everyone.  We encourage our campers to use Spanish as the common language between all of our campers. One way to ensure that your camper will have plenty of Spanish language practice is to choose a campsite where the majority of students are Spanish.

The timetable of the Day Camps

What time do the day camps start and end at?

The Day Camps start at 9 am and end at 8 pm.

If I have booked a course with don Quijote and I have to take my child to a Day Camp, will I have enough time to take them there and to pick them up again later?

Yes. We have staff on site that will permit you to drop offer your day camper before the start of class. This will give you enough time to get to your don Quijote class on time. If you choose our Madrid or Marbella camp, we offer round-trip bus pick up and drop off for your camper from various points in the city (Please consult the available routes). If neither of these options work for you, you may request afternoon classes which would permit you to drop off and pick up your camper without the rush.


What types of activities are there in the afternoon? Will there be any off-site excursions?

The availability of activities varies by campsite. We do promote activities that are centered on games, music, theater, arts and crafts, contests and dancing. Sports are also an integral part of our activities with the most popular being basketball, soccer and volleyball.

During each camp session we will offer full-day and half-day excursions where we use chartered buses to visit more distant locations. We also schedule plenty off-site excursions to places close to the campsite itself: we will tour the cities and landmarks around where our camps are located and when the campsite is close to the beach, you can count on us making a trip or two there as well.

If I choose an optional sporting activity, at what time does it start? If I do this, how much time will I miss of the afternoon activities?

The time each sporting activity takes place at will depend upon the one that you choose and how it is programmed into the camp schedule. Our golf program, for example, has sessions that last two and a half hours, two day a week. The only time that you will miss of the afternoon camp activities will be the amount of time the sporting activity lasts and the time it takes for you to get to there and back.


Will our children be able to go out on their own? What kind of supervision will be provided for them?

This depends on the campsite and the age of your children. Our Junior Program campsites in Malaga have a low level of supervision which means that campers travel from the camp residence to classes unaccompanied. This level of responsibility also gives the campers the freedom outside of class to travel around the city unhindered. In Valencia there is a moderate amount of supervision. Because the residence and classes are located within the same building, campers are free to leave the camp when they wish while respecting camp curfew. Other camps such as Salamanca, Madrid, Barcelona and Marbella are closed campsites. Unescorted excursions outside of these camps are limited, normally to weekends, and for a few hours at a time. Parent consent must also be granted before the start of camp. Please contact us to assist you in choosing the best camp option for your children.

The different types of programs available.

Can I just attend morning classes and have lunch there without participating in afternoon activities or sleeping at the camp?

Of course you can. With our Spanish Classes option your child can participate in the morning class session while spending the rest of the day with parents or family. If you choose this option, the hours of participation are from 9:30 am to 1 pm, Monday through Friday. Meals are not included with the Spanish Classes program. If you would like your child to have lunch with us, the Day Camp option is available which includes meals, afternoon snack and activities.

Will I be able to leave the campsite one day early or arrive one day late?

Our camp sessions are scheduled with start dates in two-week intervals. They begin on Sunday of the first week and end on Saturday of the second. There shouldn’t be a problem if, for travel reasons, you need to leave camp day early. However, the cost of the camp will not vary as a result of leaving a day early.

If, on the other hand, you need to arrive a day early at the beginning of the camp session we will do everything possible to accommodate you in the campsite on for that day. If circumstances do not permit us to receive you, we will find a home stay family for the first night. In the case of arriving prior to the programmed start date, the cost of an extra night will be charged. If you would like to come to our camp on a day that is not one of our designated start dates, we would recommend doing so in August. If you would like to arrive in July we will try to accommodate you but availability is limited for this period. Whatever your situation is we will do our best to adapt to your needs


How are the children divided into their classrooms and bedrooms?

Firstly, our camp residences are separated by gender. When assigning rooms and class groups, we take the campers’ language level and age into account. To determine a campers’ language level, we conduct a level test at the beginning of camp which helps us insure that communication between campers is as smooth as possible. By matching our campers by level and age we are able to foment a creative and inclusive environment that encourages learning and facilitates the development of social skills.  

I don´t want to stay in a shared bedroom. Would I be able to stay in an individual room?

We encourage our campers to live together as much as possible; this includes having shared living quarters which we consider an integral part of the camp experience. Most camps have shared rooms ranging in capacity from two to four people. However, if it is absolutely necessary for your child to sleep in an individual room, we would recommend going to our camp in Madrid where the possibility of finding a single room in greater. Please contact one of our agents if you have question regarding our accommodation options.

If my child is coming together with his brother(s) or sister(s), would it be possible for them to share a bedroom?

We are always receptive to the needs and requests of our campers however, we cannot guarantee their fulfillment. We always do our best to satisfy your accommodation requests but whether or not we can fulfill them depends on the organizational requirements of each camp.

What happens if my child becomes sick?

In addition to the first aid material on-site, our staff is trained in first aid and is prepared to handle basic medical emergencies without the need for outside intervention. In the case of something more urgent, we have a driver and vehicle ready 24 hours a day in the event that it is necessary to take a camper to the hospital.

How does the system work for allowing the children to call home or receive phone calls?

The designated time for phone calls is after dinner. All campers will receive a phone card that permits them to make calls both inside and outside of camp and from any phone. This card must be loaded with funds for it to work. There is also e-mail and internet access from our camps.


Is the airport pick-up service only one way?

The airport pick-up service that we offer is a personalized service which you may designate as one way or round trip. This service is offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For some destinations, we also offer a round-trip bus service. If you choose the bus service, the schedule is often fixed.

Will you book my flight for me?

We’re sorry but our services do not include airline bookings.

Is laundry service included?

Yes. We have a laundry service to wash our campers’ clothes once every two weeks. Each camper should have their clothes labeled with their name as well as bring a laundry bag from home.

The Campsites

Which campsites have Wi-fi and which have air conditioning?

How many children are there in each campsite?

The occupancy of each camp varies by month and year. Using past attendance as an indicator, in July, the Alemán, Alborán and Barcelona camps have approximately 230 campers. In the same month Valencia, Albergue and Madrid have an attendance of approximately 200, while Salamanca has around 260. The Junior Program camps in Malaga are much smaller with camp attendance of 25-30 campers.

Which of the campsites would you say is the most popular, or the best?

There really isn’t one camp that’s more popular than the others. There are many factors that go into choosing a camp such as age, personal preferences and activities offered. If you want to experience more than one camp, with don Quijote you can split your weeks between camps at no extra charge (travel cost not included).

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