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Summer Camps in Marbella 'Alemán'

Atop a hill overlooking the city of Marbella and the Mediterranean Sea your will find our Alemán Camp.  Nestled into one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the area, our camp is housed in the Colegio Alemán: one of the finest private schools in Spain.  This sprawling 32,000 sq ft (3000m2) camp is located on a hilltop that offers our campers a privileged view that will surely capture their attention throughout the day. Best of all, the beach is just a 15 minute drive away.

Located within the camp, campers will have available to them a pool, indoor gymnasium, numerous outdoor play areas for various sports and plenty of green space for relaxing. Like our Camp Alborán, this camp offers the most optional sports programs within our summer camp program. For an additional fee, you have 6 sports programs to choose from: Tennis, Paddle ball, Horseback riding, Golf, swimming and Soccer. Your child will improve their sporting skills under the supervision of a professional trainer and learn Spanish at the same time.

For those looking for something more, our campers can participate in the Arsenal Soccer Camp. “Play football the Arsenal Way” is the objective of this soccer program guided by the coaching staff of the Arsenal soccer club. This optional program provides 2 hours of world class soccer instruction per day and is open to campers of all levels.

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