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Summer Camps in Spain - Destinations

Take Spanish classes in the city that most suits your tastes:

In Madrid, you will find a cosmopolitan atmosphere and a wide range of cultural activities, museums and nightlife.

Choose Barcelona if you love modern architecture, the Mediterranean Sea or simply dream of watching one of the most famous European soccer teams in Camp Nou stadium.

In Valencia, you can savor the authentic paella dish and take in the fresh sea air while strolling along one of the longest beaches in Spain.

If you prefer a smaller city, full of young people with a great nightlife scene, then we recommend that you head to our camp in Salamanca, a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site full of history.

Perhaps what attracts you to Spain is the legendary hot weather, siesta tradition, Moorish architecture, flamenco music or amazing tapas... You can get all this and much more from any of our camps in southern Spain:Malaga, Marbella (Albergue, Alborán, Alemán).

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