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Summer Camp Testimonials

Our campers say...

Oleg (Russia - 17 years old)

I never imagined my Spanish could get so good in so little time! Our Spanish teacher, Pilar, was the best. She made class fun with lots of different activities. At home I usually get bored in language classes but here the time passed really quickly. By the end of the summer I was communicating with my Spanish friends without much trouble

Antoin (Belgium - 15 years old)

My summer in Granada was incredible! We saw amazing things in the city like the Alhambra and the gypsy quarter. Plus, I made lots of friends from the USA and other parts of Europe. My favorite activity was the drama workshop —I got to write my own play and act it out with a group of friends!

María (Spain - 6 years old)

I loved being with my new friends! Every single day we had different things to do like games, excursions, trips, campfires, handicrafts, workshops… I have had a very good time, I have met new friends and I am very happy about all the international friends I made.

Francesca (Italy - 16 years old)

I will never forget my summer in Marbella, nor the people I met there: monitors, teachers, coordinators, my companions. I was also able to practice my favorite sport, tennis, almost every day! Marbella is so beautiful! I hope to return next year.

Helmut (Germany - 16 years old)

I had a great time in Marbella. I met girls and boys from Spain and all over the world and keep in touch with them over e-mail. Everyday we did something different and we had many activities to choose from. This year I will go to Barcelona to visit my friends who have invited me to their house!

Lara (Poland - 12 years old)

My monitor Lucía always helped us with everything… She was like a big sister for us. In my room I had Spanish friends from Malaga, Murcia, one Italian and one Russian girl who spoke less Spanish than all of us and I learned to lose my fear of speaking Spanish through helping her. It was a lot of fun.

William (Great Britain - 10 years old)

The best part for me was being able to meet people from all over the world in one place. I learned more Spanish in two weeks than in my whole life in school classes back home. My roommate, Jordi, was a really cool guy from Barcelona. They were great weeks. And I loved Salamanca… it is gorgeous.

Simone (France - 17 years old)

My favorite part of being in Malaga was learning how to dance Sevillanas. It was so much fun and now I want to come back for the Feria de Abril and show off everything I learned!

Anna (Brazil - 15 years old)

I had the best summer of my life in Valencia. My favorite part was that we went to the beach every week. Also, being so close to other Spanish students made it easy to make friends. I’m definitely coming back next summer!

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