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Camp Manager Interview

Rosa María González don Quijote´s Summer Camps Chief

Rosa María González

Rosa has been in charge of running don Quijote’s summer camps since 2005. She is responsible for coordinating our camp teams as well as finding the best accommodations and facilities to ensure that everything is perfect year after year. Thanks to Rosa, everyone that comes to stay at our camps go home having lived an unforgettable experience.

What would you say is the main reason for staying at a summer camp?

I believe that it helps you grow as a person as well as develop your social skills. You leave a better person after you have the opportunity to live with people the same age as you and who also share your interests, hopes and dreams.

And more specifically, what is the main reason for going to a summer camp to learn Spanish?

When it comes to don Quijote’s summer camps, there is an incredible amount of diverse activities available to our campers in a unique and enriching environment. With don Quijote, you also learn to adapt yourself to a different culture and different traditions, all the while within a linguistic learning environment from which each person benefits enormously.

Why do don Quijote´s summer camps stand out?

Why do they stand out? Who else offers you something like this? I believe that we are different, not only because of the characteristics of the program itself, but also because of our team of coordinators, monitors and, of course, our excellent teaching staff.

When you were younger, were you able to take part in a language summer camp?

The truth is I didn’t attend a language camp. I took part in more traditional youth camps but they were never like this. Here, I would have formed part of a group of young people from various countries and speaking different languages other than my own. I must admit, when I was younger I wasn’t one for learning languages. I think my appreciation for being able to communicate in other languages would have developed earlier if I had the opportunity to attend a summer camp like this one.

You have been in charge of don Quijote´s summer camps for 8 years now. Have they changed at all since you began? In what way have they changed?

During this time we have worked on finding the best camp locations and expanding our program to continually offer a better experience. Today we offer more locations and activities than ever before, but the essence of our summer camp program remains the same: improving and enriching the lives of the children who come to our summer camps.

60% of those who come to stay in the summer camps are foreigners from a variety of countries. How do you manage to coordinate such a varied group, with so much linguistic variety?

The success that we have achieved in coordinating this challenging mix of people is all due to our campsite coordinators and monitors. Besides their ability to create the most varied and entertaining activities imaginable, they also have the experience and academic background that makes them the best educational professionals. Furthermore, our coordinators and monitors on-site are multilingual. Our team has it all!

And you now, what do you most like about the camps?

Without a doubt it has to be the excursions that our campers go on. I get incredibly jealous every time I see photos of all the different places that our campers go to visit. They visit cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Salamanca and Cordoba. They have also visited some beautiful nature reserves and parks like the Fuente de Baños outside of Valencia, the beaches around Tarifa, the Valley of Ojén, the Gorges of the Duratón River and the list goes on.

And what would you say is the one activity that visitors can´t miss?

There aren’t any activities that our campers should miss! Our monitors are always coming up with new ideas for activities for our campers to enjoy. Having the most fun possible while strengthening the bonds of friendship with newfound campmates is the reason behind all of our activities.

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